Playtime with Luca

It’s never dull in our house with Luca around. He’s a round-the-clock entertainer. Although he does dictate when is nap time and play time and feeding time, the latter being any time someone goes into the kitchen and he would follow so he can meow and ask for food.

We haven’t introduced catnip yet as I am unsure what his reaction would be. I must ask his previous foster home about it. For now, we have this string, which was from a broken jump rope to keep him on his paws. The stage is set. The bait is laid out.

Luca spies the end of the rope dangling from the edge of the sofa.  He crouches, ready to pounce, oblivious of me and my camera waiting for his next move.

Aaaand he decided to lie down and spy some more. He was not about to let me in on his pouncing techniques. You never knew which kitties were reading this blog over their momma’s fingers.

So he took a little break and decided to be cute. That’s fine, Luca. I caught your pouncing moves on video and I would link it here except it’s on Facebook. Everyone seems to enjoy it when Luca is playful. I do too, but he is too damned fast for my camera, even the 50mm, f/1.8 lens could not catch him!

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