Eye-candy Friday

It cannot possibly be Friday again! I mean, I’m not complaining really because it means I have more eye-candy to show you. But, what happened to the other 6 days of this past week? Where did they go? I don’t remember having THAT much fun!

Well, a little fun maybe. Especially when this little package arrived. A nice little package of Sunshine 🙂

It’s my Capitola Sock, the latest pattern from Irish Girlie Knits and sold exclusively as a kit by Sunshine Yarns.  She still has some up on the shop, but hurry!

I was lucky to grab a skein of Dani’s Luxury Sport base in the gorgeous Desert Cactus colourway. It’s the same colourway Carrie used for the sample socks in the pattern. I wanted Geode but it was snapped up so quickly! Can’t blame knitters for wanting Dani’s gorgeous colourways.

I love love the depth of the colours in this one. So saturated and so well done. It’s like organized chaos! 🙂

Splotchy is one technique I haven’t figured out in dyeing, and Dani does it so wonderfully! There are so many colours in this skein and they all work well together to give you a very interesting and appealing colourway.  I cannot wait to knit with this skein!

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