Eye-candy Friday

Just when I thought I was in the green with my stashdown, I get a few more club yarns which I have totally forgotten about! On the upside, it’s a nice surprise to get in the mail. This week’s stash enhancement, or stashdown fail depending on how you look at it, is courtesy of the awesome Natasha Sills of Gritty Knits.

This is from the first shipment of her Nom Club, MCN goodness and, oh look, first shipment is a double dose. I can hear my stashdown spreadsheet groaning at me. But look at these cheerful beauties!

I cannot resist MCN. But you know that already right? I got to know about Natasha when I was looking online for undyed yarn. Her Foot Fetish DK and Fingering yarn are amazing to dye and knit with. You should try it. So when she opened up the Nom Club, I was there faster than you can put your Knit Picks cable and needle tips together!

I received the two-skein shipment earlier this week, and oh my, they are cheerful and summery!

Just look at how rich these colours are. I am impressed and in MCN heaven. Buh-bye. Next month reverts to just one skein per shipment but she is giving members a chance to win double doses again if they post FOs of projects using the Nom Club yarn. So I have queued a project for the teal skein already.

This luscious, squishy skein called Aqua Batter will hopefully become a Deirdre shawl soon. It should be enough to knit a larger version and I might send it to my daughter Viel. Let’s see.

Now this vibrant vixen is called Mermaiden. It’s got all the colours of the rainbow I think, apart from red and orange of course! I have to plan a pattern for this one well because the colours could very well clash and pool and flash. We don’t want that.

Short rows maybe? Something that’s plain and does not have cables or lace. I could swatch to see how it knits up and maybe end up doing a sideways shawl. Oooh, linen stitch scarf! Yeah, I need that like I need a lobotomy! Or maybe I do.

You still with me? Great, because there’s one last thing I wanted to tell you. If you don’t want to sign up for a club, you can still get Natasha’s Nom yarn. Check out what’s in stock in her shop.

One thought on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. Wow, I love the green and I’m curious to know what you’re going to come up with for Mermaiden. I was in the red last quarter, but I haven’t bought any yarn (Iiiiii knooooooow!!!!) this quarter. Well, yet anyways!


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