A few more photos

My DSLR has taken more than 20,000 photos since its life began. I think. The file number has reset to 001 again. I’m worried that it might not be too long before the end comes near for my dear 400D. Anyway, I’m going on a tangent when I meant to show you some more photos from our Abu Dhabi trip. Including this pair of keys which we uncovered in one of the suitcases while unpacking. We have no idea what this goes into!

I love these collages! I can’t get enough of them. The free templates from Album Cafe includes a collage of 9 and up to 16 photos in one image. You should try it. Eibee’s birthday cake has some leftover so we brought that along with us to lunch the following day after we checked out of the hotel.

Joseph’s been quiet since we got back. Mainly because he had his braces fitted and he still cannot speak properly. Poor boy. But hey, in about 3 years he will be able to smile with all confidence!

Patrick, my baby Patrick. He had a blast in Abu Dhabi. He loved being in the pool and would have stayed there until he grew fins and scales. But I prefer him dry and happy so I can hug him to death.

After lunch at IKEA, we headed to the Marina Mall to catch up with the Amiras there. Hala, Sarah, Louise, Monika and Ingrid were there and it was great to see them all again. Naturally I brought my little Travelling Suitcase of String which was immediately inspected by the ladies.

Ingrid made a bee line for these two skeins of lace which I was hoping no one would buy so that I can knit my own Adrift cardigan with it. Mel and Linda and myself are planning on an Adrift KAL with the same Pure of Heart yarn. Oh well, I could always dye myself another set. I’m sure Ingrid will knit this up into something stunning.

Louise’s young son, Freddie was on hand to help his mum choose some sock yarn. Freddie chose the Camouflage colourway in Chameleon, very manly but quite pretty. I look forward to seeing that pair of socks, Louise!

Monika loves all my orange shades. She has I don’t know how many skeins of custom dyed salmon coloured lace. I love dyeing them and she loves buying them πŸ™‚ Perfect tandem. Here she is seen with the selection from last week’s stash enhancement.

Sadly, Monika is heading back to Germany soon. But before that we agreed that she would teach me how to make soap. Like these yummy ones that she makes. Don’t they look just good enough to eat? She uses olive oil which makes the soap softer and essential oils and not perfumes so her soaps are as natural as you can get.

There was a visit to our favourite P F Chang’s Bistro when we got back to Dubai that evening. It was so good to be tucking into their Chicken Lettuce Wrap again after so long. All in all, it was a great way to wrap up a busy week. πŸ™‚

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  1. You bet I will!
    I’ve been leafing through my lace books and going nuts on Ravelry to try and find the perfect pattern. And I think I have. The yarn is coming with me to Europe and hopefully will be knit up by the end of summer holidays.


  2. Tell me your traveling suitcase of string is moving to Edmonton soon!! I want in on some of the live action!!!


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