FO: Socks and Tee

Despite being away for 3 days, I figure I have been productive knit-wise this past week. Proof are two finished projects in the bag, so to speak.

The first one is a pair of socks which is my Wild Card entry in my Personal Sock Club. I love the colours! Rare Gems from the Madrona stash Chi got for me a couple of years ago.

This skein was supposed to be a pair of Leyburn socks, which is the official pattern for the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club but it was just not working for me. I tried doing it cuff down and got past the first repeat of the pattern on the leg but the fit was all wrong and I knew from the past 3 pairs I knitted toe-up that the heel fit is an issue.

I decided to frog it instead of breaking my head with knitting math to try and knit socks that fit. After looking through my favourite patterns for an alternative, I settled with Rainbow Socks.

Admittedly the wrap and turn instructions on the pattern were a bit confusing. I kept knitting through and figured I could block out the bumpy wraps. And then I discovered some helpful notes in KatieK’s project page. I PM’d her and she sent me her notes which proved very helpful for the second sock.

For a minute there, I thought about frogging the first sock and re-knitting it using the mods KatieK sent me, but meh, it’s just socks and will likely be worn around the house or under shoes so no real worries. One thing that I did love about the original pattern is the toe. It’s not a triangle, more like a curved wedge, if that’s ever possible. Anyway, I think I will use this toe from now on because it fits nicely.

Project: Rare Rainbow (Raveled!)
Pattern: Rainbow Socks by Susanne Kitzmann
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight (0.85 skeins = 306.0 yards)
Colorway:: Madrona Rare Gems
Needle: US 2 – 2.75 mm
Cast on: 7 June 2011
Cast off: June 2011
Notes: Used KatieK’s mods and applied Fleegle’s wrap method instead of the standard wrap and turn.

The other project is the best instant gratification knit I have done so far. I set aside the yarn a while ago then pulled it out when we got back from Abu Dhabi. Since my sister is going on holiday to Manila soon, I decided to break out the baby knitting again. I found this cute series of baby and toddler patterns and just cast on without doing any swatches.

I cast on sometime after lunch and kept knitting while catching up on some TV. By the time we cleared up dinner from the dining table, I was done! Presenting a tee for Nash.

I love the ribbing on the neck, stretchy enough to pull over his head but it springs back for a snug fit. It’s drying right now but will be packed away into a big bag of knitted stuff for Nash and his mom ready to go into my sister’s suitcase. I cannot wait to see him wearing this.

Project: Marshmallow Tee (Raveled!)
Pattern: Toddler T-shirt Vest by Sam Lamb
Needle: US 8 – 5.0 mm
Yarn: Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted (1.1 skeins = 180.4 yards)
Colorway: Marshmallow
Cast on and off: 13 June 2011
Notes: Every knitter should knit one and give it to a little person in their life!

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  1. Oh so cute! I cannot believe, I haven’t read your blog in over a month! I’ve missed out on so much and I’ve missed ya xx


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