Eye-candy Friday

Being away from home means I have no access to photos of stash to show you today. Good thing I saved some photos of my own hand-dyed yarn in the laptop.

I have been re-organizing (again!) and this is phase 1 of the new shelves we bought from IKEA. I decided to get two of the 8-cubbyhole Expedit in the dark brown colour instead of the 16-cubbyhole because it would block out too much light in the living room. This is just one shelf when I unpacked the yarns and put them in their own cubbyhole. See, there’s more yarn drying in the rack?

I decided to separate them by yarn base. This is the Chameleon stash, 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, fingering weight. This is the new base. The previous Chameleon was 100% superwash merino. I still love it. It’s more durable now but still lofty and still has a generous 400 yards per skein. Most of these colourways are still not listed on Etsy so that’s my weekend sorted then.

The next cubbyhole contains the BFL Superwash skeins. It’s a rather popular base and I have seen a few pretty FOs and WIPs of this yarn already including this Annis shawl from Stephanie Lewis from the sample skein I sent her for review as well as this pair of gorgeous Endpaper Mitts from (another) Stephanie. Sorry that’s a Ravelry link so you need to be a member to see it. Mel Wilson is knitting a Magrathea shawl with the Strawberry and Cream skein she bought from me. Hopefully I will see the FO when she gets back from her trip down under.

One of my personal favourite yarn bases, and my friends and customers love them too, is Faith, Hope and Love. It’s 50% merino, 50% silk so it has excellent drape. I love seeing the projects other knitters make out of this yarn. I have used it for my own Seraphim shawl and I love it so much. I would love to knit a garment out of this. Jackie just finished knitting a Drifting cardigan out of the Dipsyland colourway, one of my very first hand-dyes. I hope to get some more of this base soon. I love dyeing this because it takes in colour so well.

Lace. Yes, I offer laceweight, Pure of Heart. It’s a good seller actually, but I have not used it personally. I am keeping my eye on those two skeins of pale purple on the right hoping to knit either a Featherweight or an Adrift with it. It’s 50% merino, 50% silk so it will have drape and sheen.

Luxe DK is a new yarn base. I got it a while ago and was dyeing small batches. This is what I have so far. It is 58% superwash ultrafine Australian merino, 42% Mulberry silk with 250y per 100gm skein. It is quite soft and squishy and the silk gives it a nice sheen. I want to dye some more before I put it up on the shop.

Phase 2 is already underway. I bought a few Kassett cardboard boxes and will put the yarns inside so as not to expose them to dust. I still need to organize the rest of the boxes and then will take a photo so you can see. It will be so neat and tidy. I hope.

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