Day 2 Part 1: Morning

There’s something about sleeping in another bed. Well, in my next case, the lack of it. I turned in at nearly 2am and kept tossing and turning. The bed was soft, the pillows were fluffy and the duvet was warm and soft, but I just could not sleep. I must have dozed off a bit at dawn but was up bright and early at 6.30.

The family were up at 8.30 and we headed out to get some breakfast. Here’s an unconventional family portrait. I like it.

There’s just no escaping that horse, or the structure it is pasted on. You pass by Ferrari World as you go out and into Yas Island. Odd that we never see any movement in a place where speed is supposed to be the staple. Or is it too early?

There’s the birthday girl. She’s quite cheerful this morning, I hope it persists until dinner tonight. She’s had quite a lot of birthday greetings online and on her phone already. Popular girl.

We were waiting for the breakfast counter at IKEA to open so we sat at the red sofas. Yeah, yeah, it’s a “discount” birthday breakfast since we’re having the fancy dinner tonight. They did not complain anyway.

The knitting is always there, don’t ask questions. The kids are so used to it and don’t get stabbed in eye or the bum with the needles even if I leave them lying around.

on the way back to the hotel I picked up a couple of orchids from the lobby and decided to play with droplets. Man, it has been a really long time since I broke out the macro mode and tripod. I had very limited resources but I think these are alright.

This was a little difficult to pull off without a dropper. Next time I will bring a dropper with me everywhere I go just in case.

After a relaxing afternoon in our rooms, we headed out to the pool – they swam, I knitted in the shade – and now we’re all getting ready to celebrate Eibee’s birthday with dinner and maybe a cake. Who knows?  I’ll be back later tonight for Part 2.