Day 1: Road trip and check-in

Road trip! Yay! Was I the only one excited about it? Well no, the kids were excited too. See? Bottom right photo was taken in our hotel room as soon as we got in.

Baggage. Check. Passports. Check. Money. Check. Music for the road. Check. Nothing like a bit of Linkin Park to gear us up. There was a bit of Adele and 30 Seconds to Mars too.

The road signs to Yas Island didn’t start turning up until a few kilometers before the turn. We would have missed it if Bernie was not paying attention. This is the first time the kids are going to Abu Dhabi via the new Yas Island road.

Yep, that big thing ahead is Ferrari World. No, we won’t be visiting it this time but Bernie did say he would ride that rollercoaster if we went there.

Before checking in to the hotel, we made a pit stop at IKEA for a spot of lunch. The IKEA here is huge! Even the restaurant is huge, and the food is slightly different from what they have in Dubai.

Of course, it’s Crazy Mama with the Camera Time. She was playing with me the entire time so I have no real candid shots.

Joseph going to his Lakers look, as I call it. Yellow and purple. I should have taken a photo of his entire outfit. Dark green safari shorts and blue Chucks. My son, the chick magnet!

Someone’s just s teensy bit obsessed with their new red hair. The colour comes out in the sun.

Obsessed. I told you.

Of course as soon as we got settled in our connecting hotel rooms, it was off to the pool. Thank goodness it was temperature-controlled and shaded against the sun by the hotel itself.

My funny water babies! Ate, we miss you. Wish you were here with us!

Look at that hair. Every time he got out of the water he would run his fingers up and out to get them to stand up.

I promised to photoshop the pimple out but I had no time. You’re still beautiful, my baby girl!

But of course, my baby Patrick is the cutest!

And what was I doing while they were in the water? Knitting of course! I had enough of the water so I was chilling out on the side with my knitting.  Working on the cuff of my second Rainbow Sock.

Off to the city tonight for a spot of dinner and some sightseeing. Big day tomorrow. I heard that someone’s having a birthday. 🙂

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