I love my family! I tell them to smile and they do. I tell them to pose like this and they do. Wish one of them could take a photo with me in it and not end up with blurry shots. Remind me to take the tripod on our trip to Abu Dhabi.

Patrick has been wearing the ONE boller which I got from donating to the organisation years ago. I think he’s trying to draw some happy clouds in this photo while waiting for dinner.

School’s out. Summer’s here. So he’s growing his hair out again. No trips to the barber shop, he said. Not until school comes back in September.

Patrick does not like rides in the amusement park, or at Magic Planet. But last Friday he surprised us by asking if he could ride this dragonfly thing. It goes round and round while it bumps you up and down. He was alright. I think he even enjoyed it. But he still refuses to ride on the grasshopper which Bellybutton loves so much.

Earlier that day we ran across a free tasting of these little tuna things at Chocopologie at the Festival City. Patrick loved it so much he asked if I could make them at home. I could not find small croissants so I bought one of those milk buns from Carrefour. And he refuses to eat them without the slice of tomato and lettuce.

At the regular Amiras meet-up, we saw a few really cool WIPs and FOs, like this awesome double-knit mitten from Stephanie. It was super warm and cozy and she made up the pattern based on an existing one. She modified it heavily to fit the stitch count for her mitten so I think it counts as her own design. I love it!

I also had the priviledge of photographing Mel’s shawls. This Holden shawl is a beauty in person. Knit out of Malabrigo Sock, it is light and lacey and perfect for summer evenings.

Another shawl out of Malabrigo Sock is her Milkweed shawl. She is a rather loose knitter but she does it so neatly. I have been ignoring this pattern but seeing hers up close, I think I will queue this up again.

That’s all I have for now. We’re off to Yas Island Rotana in Abu Dhabi for the next 3 days but will try and blog randomly, esp for the big 16th birthday on Thursday. Otherwise, post updated will be on Friday evening.

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  1. I love the previous comment:):):) Mel’s shawls are sweet, you’ve totally become the Amiras’ official photographer, I love it!!


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