A bit more change

Have you seen this girl? She’s 15, nearly 16. Five foot, four inches. Wears glasses. Has long dark brown naturally wavy locks. Answers to Eileen, Eibee, Eivy, Ek-bi or Ditche.

I suspect this girl is actually an alien body-snatcher. 🙂 Same clothes, same eyeglasses, same smile. But oh look! Different hair!

Yes, gone are all the brown baby curls. It’s now a nice neat bob, which she still has to blow dry to keep in shape. Otherwise it has a mind of its own. Kinda like her actually.

She loves her new hair, insists that she is so cute with it. I agree. At least she is now looking after her hair and not letting it fly all over her face like she used to.

Next, hair colour. She chose a box of brilliant red Koleston. Let’s see how that experiment works out.

4 thoughts on “A bit more change

  1. Ah both looks suit her so well, I’m not even sure which I would choose!

    Do show a after-dyeing pic too!


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