Eye-candy Friday

Sundara offered another round of Flowers from my Mother’s Garden recently. Her mother actually, not mine. Although my mother has a green thumb and can make anything grow even in extreme conditions. My mother plants fruit-bearing trees and herbs and vegetables. Sundara’s mother plants flowers.

I got in this time and asked for the Honeyed Hibiscus in her new Sport Merino base. I see a new sweater in the distant future.

I love how she packages her yarns. The Sundara sticker always makes me smile. The skeins are all huddled together inside the crinkly plastic sleeve.

Four skeins at 338 yards each; that’s generous for US$18.50 per skein. I have enough to make a garment, but alas, my sister has asked for a brown/beige shawl so I think this will be knit up as a shawl for her. Gotta look for the pattern now, not sure if she wants a solid fabric or lace.

One skein of this is already being knit up as a pair of socks for Joseph. It is knitting up quick on 2.75mm needles. I decided to frog the Charcoal over Blue Lagoon Uncle Frank socks you saw on Monday and re-cast on with this yarn instead. Still Sundara, still Irishgirlieknits, still beautiful!

One thought on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. I would love to have a look at Sundara’s mother’s actual garden, it must look spectacular! I bet this new base is every bit as lovely as her old Sport base.


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