FO: Roxie

I completely forgot to post this latest shawl project. It’s the Roxanne Mystery Shawl knit along with Feministy, Liz Abinante. I had the opportunity to use a skein I bought from Etsy and after knitting for about a month, this is what I have left of the 463 yards originally.

I love this shawl. The clues were released by Liz on a weekly basis over 4 weeks. And this while she was moving from California to Chicago. Man, she is superwoman! I love her. The shawl has a lot of texture in it but just enough to make it interesting.  We got cables, ribbing, lace and garter stitch in this baby.

Oh and one of the most interesting thing about this? The blocked shawl looks like a Cylon raider! I did not pull out any points since I liked the way the edge as it is.

It ruffles slightly at the back and that is alright. I’m glad I chose this yarn, which is from Okay Knits. Jane’s shop is on vacation right now but I’m sure she’ll be back with lots of pretty yarn.

I didn’t do too many repeats of Clue #3 so my shawl’s wings do not spread too wide. It’s alright because it drapes over my shoulders and stays put without having to tug it into place.

Those horizonal stripes you see? That’s the most interesting part of the pattern, Clue #2 to be precise. We were all having fun about it over in the Ravelry group but after everyone worked through that clue, we were all pretty much happy that we stuck with it and didn’t give up.

Project: Roxie (Raveled!)
Pattern: Roxanne Mystery Shawl by Liz Abinante
Yarn: Okay Knits Sawa Sawa
Colourway: Jester
Needles: 4mm
Cast on: 15 Apr 2011
Cast off: 21 May 2011

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  1. That is quite pretty~ Love the color of the yarn~ But I really like how close up, the details are really intriguing and yet far away it is so lovely to look at as well! 😀


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