WIP-tastic Monday

Welcome to the Irish Girlie Knits Design edition of this blog section. 🙂 Well almost. 3 out of 4 projects here are designed by dear Carrie. But before I show them to you, here’s a little something that has got me hooked right now.

Yes, I have been making my own stitchmarkers. I found a shop that sells these snag-free loops and they also have tiny trinkets to add to the loops but I have yet to figure out how to attach them to the loops without using split rings. They work too since I used them for the raglan yoke increases for this WIP.

My Breakwater in Tosh Pashmina Whitewash. I love the way the colourway is knitting up. And Pashmina is always a pleasure to work with, although I feel that the fabric is a bit too loose as I knit. Hopefully it will bloom in the soak while maintaining the drape. I have just split for the sleeves and put this on time out while I finish other projects.

One of them is this pair of socks, Walk Now, which was an original test knit for Carrie. She only needed one sock so the second did not get started until last week. I just started the toe decreases so this will be on the blockers tonight. Yay, another project off the WIP list!

Carrie emailed me yesterday about a new design she wanted me to test knit. Of course I said yes! There’s something positively thrilling about knitting something that you have a vague idea about and that no one (apart from other test knitters) in the knitting world has seen yet. It’s like a little secret society. LOL! Anyway, can’t say much about it except that I am using Plucky Primo in fingering weight. This is the latest colour from the club called Thornfield Hall. It sounds very posh; makes me think of Mr. Darcy for some reason. Anyway, it’s an infinity scarf and I have already frogged this right down to the cast on because after nearly two repeats of the border I discovered that I stupidly twisted my join so I ended up with a moebius! *facepalm* indeed!

Another IGK project, which unfortunately will be frogged and re-started, perhaps with a sport weight yarn, is my Uncle Franks. It was in hibernation for a while then I picked it up yesterday and had my son try it on. It seems a bit too baggy at the heel and I have not been completely happy with the yarn. I mean, the yarn is pretty of course, it’s Sundara after all, but the cables are lost in the deep blue shades. So I will try maybe STR mediumweight or the new Sundara Sport Merino Two.

Okay, gotta go decrease some toe and then block the socks. Catch ya later!

3 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. Love your stitchmarkers!! Oh no to the frogging…you are so good to just do it though! Can’t wait to see how the Plucky Knits up!! Thank you hon!!


  2. Lovely Irishgirlie lineup! So sad you have to frog that lovely blue sock, but I see how there is a battle between the color and the pattern, sigh! Cute stitchmarkers:)


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