FO: Home-made Lemonade Stand

It feels good to get socks off the needles. Feels like forever since I knitted a pair, and this one is super special. Here is the unblocked pair, on sock blockers, minutes after I cast off the second sock.

The pattern is Carrie Sullivan’s Sweet Home. I test knitted this nearly a year ago and it was one of the quickest knits ever. That pair went to my daughter Eibee but this pair is all mine.

I made one minor mod on this pair, namely to do 5 rows of ribbing instead of the garter stitch cuff which Carrie instructed in the pattern. Nothing against it, just that I find ribbing a better fit for my massive calves.

Like the first pair, I took the instep pattern right down to the toe, a total of 12 repeats on the instep. I incorporated the toe decreases from the 11th repeat. I like it this way.

One other minor mod, I only did 6 repeats on the leg since I don’t wear tall socks. This suits me better. I love love LOVED working with this pattern again. And the yarn I used is amazing. The red/pink and yellow mix very well to form a complex colourway that works very well with this pattern.

Another Carrie Sullivan trademark is the patterned heel. Not so much on this one but the ribbing and purled ridges are carried down the heel flap. It’s subtle but it’s pretty.

The purls on the instep are pretty and breaks up the monotony of ribbing. It helps keep the knitting entertaining but holds your attention enough to make sure you do the purl ridges on the right rows. This pair is part of the Knit Along in the Irish Girlie Knits Group in Ravelry.

Project: Home-made Lemonade Stand (Raveled!)
Pattern: Sweet Home by Irishgirlieknits Designs
Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock
Colourway: Strawberry Lemonade
Needles: 2.5mm
Cast on: 1 Apr 2011
Cast off: 25 May 2011
Notes: 5 rows of ribbing for the cuff, 6 repeats on the legs, 12 repeats down the foot.

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