Kids in Assia

When you have more than one child, it is difficult to give praise to one without upsetting the others. But in this case, and since the other three are much older and will surely understand *hint hint*, let me just publicly say how much I adore this little man. Just take a look at him! Isn’t he adorably cute? But what do I know? I only carried him in my belly for 9 months and he has half my DNA so I’m a bit partial.

Seriously though, just look at him! I can just hug him and kiss him forever and ever. And yes, my 3 older offspring, I do think you are all adorable too.

*gigglelaugh* But can you blame me when Patrick pulls these faces? The top left photo was his genuine, unrehearsed reaction when he was presented with his chicken esfitada lunch at Nando’s last weekend. Priceless. So we had to make him pose again. Of course, the skewer was hot off the grill and what was the first metal thing his fingers touched? Yes. The skewer.

Oh yes, the other kids were there too. Bellybutton talking to herself or some imaginary friend as usual. Not sure if this is in the public domain, but if you’re in my Facebook list, take a look at this quick clip on Bellybutton strutting her stuff. No, I mean, really strutting her stuff. She does this everywhere!  Ronan, Joseph and Eibee were there too.  mostly busy playing on their phones or their mother’s phones!

We all saw POTC 4 last Friday. Not very impressed by it, but still enjoyable. After the movie, we had a light snack at Assia in Wok because my sister had been going on and on about their fried ice cream. So we ordered them. I’m not too crazy about it but apparently it is the “new” fried ice cream. They changed the recipe or something so it’s not the same. The ice cream was still good but not the chocolatey biscuity thing around the ice cream. Their green juice was great though, tasted like a blend of green apples and kiwi. Yum.

Not sure where we will be this weekend, but I’m sure food will be involved. Lots of it.

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