A new chapter begins

The past week was quite eventful : I knitted a sweater in 4 days, I stepped out of the flat while the sun was still up which is about as exciting as my life gets these days and Eibee graduated from high school. But before that, there was Senior Ball. I was not set up to take proper photos but I think I managed to get them okay.

If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen the comments I made about the 3-hour delay on the actual ceremonies and well, just how these Filipino schools never seem to learn anything from previous experiences. Quite frustrating. Take away the long wait and unnecessary pageantry, the event was okay. It was funny how so many little people were running around with point-and-shoot cameras taking pictures of their big brother/sister and parents. They start ’em young!

The kids had to wear their usual school uniform for the event and topped with white toga for kindergarten, blue/white trim for grade school and blue/orange trim for high school.  Eibee didn’t want to wear any make-up, I suspected because she knew she’d be crying her eyes out all night anyway.  She also didn’t want her hair done up in any fancy way since the cap will just mess it up.

We met and caught up with friends that evening; some friends we haven’t seen in ages.  It’s good to have someone else taking photographs for a change.  Thanks, Gerald and Michelle!

I was following Eibee around most of the evening trying to get photographs of her with her friends and classmates.  You’d think they would all want their photos taken but they were all busy spending time with each other because most of them will be going back home to the Philippines for further education and they may not see each other again for a long time.

There were plenty of group hugs and hugging in general.  I got caught up in it as well and hugged a few of Eibee’s friends who we have known since they were in kindergarten.  It was very emotional.

Congratulations, anak! We are so proud of you and your achievements. We love you very much and cannot wait to see how you tackle what life brings you next. We’ll be right there beside you every step of the way.

2 thoughts on “A new chapter begins

  1. Congrats Eibee!!! Might I add that she does not need a lick of makeup or fancy hair, she`s gorgeous without.


  2. Congrats Eibee!!! That is the sweetest post. I bet it was a proud moment (and hard at the same time) for you and Bernie to see your baby all grown up and ready to move on the next chapter in her life!


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