In pursuit of a chopper

A while ago, my son Patrick was in hot pursuit of a remote controlled helicopter toy. The first one he got at Magic Planet from the points we accumulated was a really dodgy one so we promised him we’ll get him a better one. So last weekend, we went to the Great Mall of China in pursuit of a chopper.

But before all that, let me show you a sneak peek on a new yarn base for the shop. This is 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon in fingering weight, put up as 100g skeins with about 380 yards post-dyeing. This test skein is called Ballerina, a delicate and very feminine shade of pink.

After a bit of lunch at a Chinese restaurant which brought back memories of our short trip to Hong Kong three years ago, we found this red monster of a toy. Well, it’s not really very big but for Patrick it is big. The chopper gets charged separately and the RC gets AA batteries. So far he has only tested it inside the living room but one of these days I’m sure he’ll be nagging us to take it out to the park or something.

I have no stories accompanying my photos this time, just shooting. Mostly close-ups and headshots. One of these days I will get these printed off and framed for the wall. I keep teasing Joseph that he needs to shave soon, his budding ‘tache and the 4 or so strands of hair on his chin.

My husband does not need any more photos – he needs to take the camera for a change because he is getting rusty. I need more photos of me, minus all the blurriness!

Eibee is always a pleasure to photograph. She’s getting the hang of it and one of these days I will take her out to a location and do some modeled shots. If she lets me, of course.

He only seems cross in this one shot, he was actually quite excited that day because we were having lunch right next to a shop that sells the RC choppers! If he could walk right through the glass window he probably would have done so.

After picking up the chopper, we caught up with my sister and her family at Mirdif City Centre. They were having a very late lunch and we waited for them to finish before we headed out to the arcade. Ronan, as always, had so many stories to tell. Plus some new games he wanted to show us.

Bellybutton didn’t want to look at me while I took her picture and when she did, she pulled a face which I caught on camera.

My sister, Eibee and I broke away from the rest of them because my daughter needed help looking for a dress for the Senior Ball. We went through three stores before ending up in Forever21 where we found end-of-the-line

This is one of the dresses she chose, purple of course and cocktail dress length. I like it, but I like the other dress better. Must make her put it on so I can get a photo.

Coming up next, graduation photos and some knitting FOs, finally!

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