Over a year ago, I offered a skein of my hand-dyed yarn as a Ravelympics prize for the Amiras. I think. Can’t remember, but anyway, Rain was the winner of the skein so we talked about which colour she wanted. She wanted blue. I dyed one skein (on the left) and showed it to her but she was looking for something slightly darker. So I dyed another (on the right) which she loved. Phew! A week ago, we met up for a knitting catch-up and she showed me the scarf she knitted with this skein.

Meet Rain and her beautiful (still unblocked) Cedar Leaf Shawlette. I had completely forgotten what this colour looked like and Rain did a great job with the shawlette. I kept mistaking it for a Saroyan!

I took photos for her and love doing so! Good thing it was a quiet mid-morning at the Dome Cafe so no onlookers thinking we’re crazy.

Rain said she will block it to death to get some width out of it but I think it looks okay as it is. Of course the leaf edging needs to be opened up. Worn like this, it reminds me of demure young Filipinas from the days of the Spanish colonization. Maria Clara and the like.

The leaves curl inward a bit so it does need blocking, but Rain did a great job with the knitting. She has always been so neat and meticulous in her knitting so it’s not really a surprise. It’s just that I haven’t seen any of her projects in a while.

After our rendezvous with Rain, Patrick and I went to Dubai Mall in the hope of catching a film, but everything was rated either 15+ or 18+ and he did not want to do reruns of Thor or Rio. So we had lunch instead. And he had fun posing for me!

He is still obsessed with anything Iron Man!

I gave him my knitting chart magnets to play with. It’s still easy to keep him busy but not for long.

We went to Kinokuniya and got the Wimpy Kid series plus a couple of other books. And this Greg Heffley action figure.

Patrick wasted no time playing with the toy. No doubt he will want the rest of the set when the movie comes out here!

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  1. Sob…seeing those pictures of Rain made me miss you guys:( I love her shawlette in your beautiful hand dyed yarn!


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