Trade made of win!

A while ago I received this sweater quantity of Tosh Merino from the Magnolia Society Sweater Club. I’ve been going back and forth on what project to make with it and couldn’t decide. Mainly because the yarn and the finished project would be quite dense and warm for Dubai’s weather so I will not get much mileage unless I crank up the AC all the time.

But it is a beautiful dark blue colour called Stovepipe. Well, a few weeks ago I got talking to Melissa about a possible trade for this stash. I think I got the better end of that deal though.

In exchange for my 8 skeins of Stovepipe, Melissa sent me this finished, blocked February Lady Sweater which she knitted in Tosh DK, colourway is Grasshopper. It fits me as if it was knitted just for me. Thanks to my son, Patrick for the photos on this post.

I love love love this cardigan. So much more than my original version, which I did in STR Heavyweight. It’s a bit too big now and I’m thinking about re-cycling the yarn to knit something else.

Patrick and I had a day to ourselves and we were out in town, meeting up with a knitting friend (more on that later) and catching up with Bernie after work. And I got a haircut too.

The fabric is so soft and drapey, unlike the Austin Hoodie I made with my Tosh DK. But then again, this has an all-over lace pattern hence the airiness. Still, Melissa did a great job with blocking.

The buttons are pretty too so that’s another plus. I don’t wear short sleeves well so this is the perfect layering cardigan – good thing I have a few of these long sleeved tops to use. Thanks again, Melissa for the wonderful trade. And in case you are interested, she is trading another sweater because, get this, she dropped down another dress size! Yay Melissa! I can totally vouch for her mad knitting skills – the FLS she sent me is flawless. Can’t even find the ends!

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  1. That Sweater could not look andy better on you! I love the spring like color and how it is a perfect fit.
    ps. I will be posting the ‘Yarn Rewview’ project today!!


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