WIP-tastic Monday

My first week as a stay-at-home-mother was productive on a small scale. I got to cook lunch for the kids, and not just a fry up either, plus I got to tidy up a bit around the house which is my least favourite thing in the world. Ask anyone who knows me! Ask my mom!

One thing that I thought I would get a lot of time to do which I haven’t really is knitting. Of course I knit every chance I get but I have not finished any of the WIPs spread around the house.

One project I picked up in the last few days is my Ishbel. It is such an enjoyable knit, I wonder why I left it idling for so long. I am now on Chart C so not long to go.

The yarn is Sundara Fingering Silky Merino, so soft and lovely to work with. The colour is amazing too – Tuscan Rose over Lemon, a gorgeous mix of pale yellow and pink with undertones of orange. I reckon this will be on the blocking mat tonight then it’s off to the next WIP.

2 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. From my experience being a SAHM, the work never ends. I’ve seriously considered going back to work so that I get a “break”, hehe!!! But I love that I can set my own schedule and this includes sleeping in 😀


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