Eye-candy Friday

I pulled out my recent Magrudy’s acquisition one night to photograph them and Patrick happened to be sitting on the couch next to the yarn. After I took a photo of the stash, he took one ball of the Artesano Inca Cloud and held it up to his face. “So soft,” he said. So I made him hold that post while I took a photo. I do believe my job here is done.

My baby son appreciates yarny softness and that is a big deal.

I love it too, despite the 100% alpaca content. You know me and hairy alpaca, but this one is not so bad. Plus it is so amazingly soft. This stash of 11 balls will grow up to be Kate Davies’s new cardigan Deco. The set-in sleeves are making me queasy though. I haven’t had much joy with this particular type of sleeve so I might have to rethink this part of the pattern.

Too bad this yarn is now discontinued. The colours are all solids and the yarn is oh so soft. Did I mention that already? Oh yeah, I did, but it is so I don’t mind saying it again.

Thanks, Jackie for working with me to get this colour and for setting the 11 balls of yarn aside.  Now that is what an LYS is all about!

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