Amiras Weekend

A Friday with the Amiras is always so much fun: it involves knitting, food, yarn, food, chatting about projects, food….you get the idea. LOL. Hala and I were not strong enough to resist the call of this yummy chocolate cake. She had been craving this so was only happy to oblige.

The Amiras WIPs gets more stunning as time goes by. Shyma’s Roxanne Mystery Shawl in Wollmeise Twin is just so scrumptious and blue! She is on Clue #2, nearly finished with it and it looks stunning.

Jackie’s recently completed Chiton Pullover is stun-ning! Knitted in the new Manos Serena yarn which is a blend of pima cotton and alpaca, it is very feminine and the colour is just beautiful.

Meet Jack. Cute boy and look at those eyes! He came along with his mom and grandmom who invited us to a weekly catch-up at her home so that would ease the pain of waiting 4 full weeks for the next Amiras meeting.

I had to leave the meeting before it was over though as we were having dinner with the family.  Have you seen Eibee’s new glasses?  Yeah, she wanted full frames and chose these.  A bit too school marmy if you ask me but she loves it.  And it does not make her squint anymore.

Artsy shot but could have been better if there were more smaller lights in the background for great bokeh.

We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, where it was cold so she borrowed my Austin Not-Hoodie.  They also chose a table near the TV because they were showing Tom n Jerry cartoons.  Of course, I had to sit with my back to the TV because me = not a fan of Tom n Jerry.

Patrick is still a kid after all!  He had fun doing the games on the kiddie menu booklet.  He also ordered from the kiddie menu – the first time in a while.

I had the grilled salmon fillet with spaghetti in lemon caper sauce.  I didn’t eat all of the pasta but the sauce was nice and tart and the salmon was perfect!  Joseph was at a friend’s debutante ball so he is not in any of the photos here.  Next week should be good photo-wise since I am now off work and will have more time to devote to my hobbies.

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  1. It’s 10 pm and I’m in bed and woman, you’ve got me craving chocolate cake with that first picture!!! Looks like such a great weekend:)


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