Eye-candy Friday

Sundara Yarn will always be the death of me. Or my yarn diet at least.

I signed up for her new Club; two new colours every month, or is it every other month? I chose the new fingering merino base which is cheaper and has a more generous yardage. The May colours arrived recently, and this time with a card from Sundara telling us about the inspiration behind the colours.

The new base is squishy and I prefer it more to her existing Sock Yarn base. I am spoiled by Socks that Rock which has a high twist and squishiness factor, but Sundara’s colours are unmatched. Look at the richness of the blue skein!

This month’s colours are perfect for colourwork, if you are so inclined. But on their own they shine well. Buttercream is the lighter colourway. Not a fan of light but this one is pretty. It is very pale yellow with a slight touch of pink and I think this is calling out to be a lace shawl.

It has 492 yards per skein so more than enough for a generous shawl. It’s not spun tight but it should still be great for socks.

The darker colour is called Spanish Tiles. Sundara talks about the colour inspiration in this blog entry. My camera settings might have been different and it took in more light, but it is a rich blue with just a bit of variegation.

I love this colour! I am not sure what to do with it yet and like most of my Sundara stash, it will remain stashed away and I will knit them one day. Or weave! Yes, I have been thinking about picking up weaving and Sundara’s colours will be brilliant for some woven scarves.

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