Movie date

It may look like we are always going out, but seriously it only happens on weekends. And not even every week because if the kids have exams coming up we try to stay at home and get them to hit the books. Like the case this coming week for this young lady who likes to smile her toothy smile when the camera is focused on her. She has her final exams next week and it is in her best interest not to go out partying or mall hopping or doing anything else that does not involve books and notes and hours of studying. Yes, Eibee that is a message for you! Love you!

This young man though and his brother will have a couple of weeks reprieve before it is their turn to get banned from the PS3, PSP, computer and TV. Yes, he is counting his beard, in case some of it has fallen off.

Eibee complained that I take too many candid shots and most of the time she has her mouth open. But it’s candid and fresh and funny! You should have learned by now not to open your mouth when I have the camera glued to my face.

Bernie listening to what the kids were proposing. Something to do with mobile phones and grades.

Eibee using her “I’m your favourite daughter and I was super cute when I was a kid so you love me and will give me what I want” card. That worked for about 4 years and then she kept on turning that charm on since.

Patrick was a bit stunned by his Papa’s condition on buying him an iPhone. A bit extravagant for an 8 year old but it helps to give him something to reach for.

Eibee and her Blackberry Torch are almost surgically attached!

Joseph’s always so cool. But still turns away when I point the camera at him.

After brunch at IKEA, we wandered around the shop to pick up a few things. And look what we found! A new product introduced by IKEA. Cuteness! Nah, not for sale. His mom put him on top of the pile of these throws. I asked for permission and she let me take a photo. And the baby looked right at me and smiled.

We went straight to Dubai Mall then as we were booked to watch Thor. Freakin’ awesome movie! Go and see it at the cinema for full effect. Don’t even bother with the 3D version. The 2D works just as well.

But before the movie we had Morelli’s ice cream. Yummy! I had a scoop each of the melon and the hazelnut – great combination.

Artsy fartsy shot of the column with purple stripes. I had to get Bernie to stand up since I could not crouch down on the floor to get this all in the 50mm frame.

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  1. Love the piccies! Thor releases this weekend in North America and you bet we’re going to go see that.


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