WIP-tastic Monday

Where there are rules, there are exceptions. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

I’m talking about my knitting goals and how I am not casting on anything new until I finish my current WIPs. What I forgot to mention is that the patterns I queued up for the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club are exempted from my self-imposed No-Cast-On-Until-I-Finish-My-WIPs rule.

That said, the third pattern is up and it is one of my favourites. And by favourites I mean I have knitted this before and feel comfortable tackling it again. Leyburns #4, here we go.

I have made progress on my Sweet Home socks for the IGK Group KAL. The toe decrease is about to start on Sock #1 and I might have to give it a couple of days before I start Sock #2. Not that I have lost any love for it, oh no, I love this pattern so much, it’s just that I am on schedule for another KAL.

This one in fact. Roxanne Shawl Mystery KAL over at the Feministy group on Ravelry. One set of clues per week, four clues in this shawl. This is my shawl at the end of Clue #2. The clue with the most interesting instruction btw. It has enough interest, oh boy, to keep you going and the cables give you a break from the textured pattern so it doe snot get tedious. If that’s not enough then you have a growing garter stitch centre panel that is sure to slow the pace down.

I love the winding cables! And I am glad there is more of it in Clue#3 which Liz just posted. This is why I am putting a hold on Sweet Home Sock #2. I would like to finish this on schedule and it looks like I can manage it since it will be mostly stockinette with a bit of cables.

Hopefully will have an FO this weekend though.

2 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. Love Nash’s new Rainbow Hat esp. the tassles – fun! Looks like you’ve got your hands/needles full with all sorts of great WIPs. Can’t wait to see the shawl finished.


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