Black Saturday

If it were up to me, we would have stayed home this past weekend, being Holy Week and all. As Roman Catholic, I grew up being told that you were not allowed to play, have fun or do much during this time of the year. Of course, now I know that it was just the adults trying to keep you quiet and make you sit still without resorting to threats of bodily harm.

We did go out, and this sight was one of two that greeted us on our way to Festival City. The other one was too graphic for this blog. It looked like no one was seriously hurt though.

Anyway, moving on, we had lunch at DFC but no meat on account of Black Saturday. So we had fish and chips. It was alright. One week in a year without meat is a small price to pay for our faith. Besides, the fish and chips were really good.

Joseph and Eibee had prawns though, 12 succulent prawns in crispy batter. They struggled with it and Patrick helped them finish the rest.

Eibee, my daughter who is obsessed with blank eyeliner. Oh yes, really! When she goes to the loo in the malls and takes ages, you can be certain that her face is up against the mirror adding smoky black eyeliner on her eyes.

We met up at Mirdiff City Centre with my sister and her lot and Bellybutton asked if she can take our picture using my camera. Now, I love my baby, and I love Belly too, but handing over my camera to a 5-year old does not exactly do wonders for my nerves. She took this photo by the way.

And I took a photo of her with my iPhone! Almost a pro!

She was holding it wrong so I asked her to give it to me. I love how this photo ended up, still a bit out of focus but you have to love that depth of field!

And she kept on going. This was looking up to Tito Bernie. Love the bokeh on the background. I miss capturing bokehs!

She took a break afterwards and borrowed Patrick’s mobile phone so she can play games. And that was the extent of our weekend. Nothing exciting at all, but still good times.

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