FO: Red Sky

Second pair of the Super Special Six is done!

It didn’t actually take long to knit this pair, but the gap between sock 1 and 2 was prolonged due to unexpected baby knits. My foot model was highly cooperative this time.

I modified a few things on this pair. First is the folded cuff. I didn’t do it. I did it before and stretchiness is compromised so for someone with wide ankles and even wider calves like me, this is not compatible at all. I chose a ribbed cuff with a stretchy cast on and it works fine.

The second mod is the heel. The pattern calls for short rows, and you know how much I love short rows. Not! I decided to take the two centre purl stitches all the way down the heels and switch either side of it from the lace pattern to plain stockinette. I could have taken the lace pattern all the way down the heel as well, but that’s just overkill and who is going to see the heels anyway?

The final mod is on the toes, again did away with short rows and stuck to the usual wedge toe. Ended with 14 sts which I grafted close. I did a total of 6 repeats each on the leg and the foot, nice length, not too long, not short.

It was a fun knit, the yarn is partly to blame. I love Sundara’s reds! The water didn’t bleed much either during soaking, which makes me a happy bunny. I now want to knit more socks with stash of Sundara yarn.

Project: Red Sky (Raveled!)
Pattern: Nutkin by Beth LaPensee
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Sock
Colourway: Blush
How much: 1 skein, 350 yards
Needles: US1.5 – 2.5mm
Cast on: 1 Mar 2011
Cast off: 23 Apr 2011
Notes: I loved knitting this but will not make them again due to the high twist factor of the finished socks.

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