Eye-candy Friday

I have been a patron of Jessie’s Knit, Drink and Be Merry yarn club for over a year now and have more than 12 skeins of beautiful semi-solid colourways to prove it. Only of which so far has been knit into a garment. But that’s not to say anything negative about the yarn at all!

Jessie’s colours are rich and saturated and pretty. Especially her self-striping ones, which is why for this new version of the club I subscribed to the self-striping option. I know, I know I said no more clubs, but this was decided well before I started my stashdown diet. So it doesn’t count.

This is a bit overdue but Jessie was dealing with a real life situation and since I have way too much yarn anyway, I wasn’t going to kick a fuss about the delay. It’s not the end of the world, as I said just this morning when Sundara’s latest collection was announced as delayed by a few days.

Pink Squirrel Stripe is the name of this colourway. I have a picture in my head of how this would look like but I’m sure I will still be blown away by it when I eventually, finally knit it. Not as socks I think, but as long, maybe ribbed armwarmers from cuffs past the elbows. I wonder if there’s enough yardage for those?