Baby, you’re a firework…

A short display in the night sky culminated an amazing evening of music last Thursday. What a way to end the Westlife concert at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa!

Eibee and I were in the regular section but right in the middle of the stage and at the railing separating us from the Golden Circle.  So apart from taller guys standing in front of me, I had a nice clear view of the lads. This is the opening number, No One’s Gonna Sleep Tonight, a nice upbeat number reminiscent of Erasure’s later hits.

The lights were a bit of a nuisance though. They shone directly on us when they swivel around towards the crowd. And it was this freakishly alien green!

There were two jumbotrons on either side of the stage which was great when I could not get a clear shot of the stage. The resolutions are not very good since I was using my sister’s point-and-shoot, but they were surprisingly alright.  This is their second set – anyone notice (if you can) how Shane and Nicky are dressed alike?  The Shnicky fans would have had a field day!

Jay, Kian’s hand says hi. 🙂

This was the medley where they sang Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, Rihanna’s Only Girl In The World, Black Eyed Peas’ Time of My Life/Dirty Bit among others. I can hardly remember the set list!

The fourth set included I’m Already There, and something.  Crap!  Why can’t I remember?  I should have written it down on my phone.  Anyway, they were in great form.  Nicky was the best when it comes to interacting with the crowd though.

I think this is I’m Already There, or it could be Flying Without Wings. Shane and Mark were on top form but the audio system was not right because their voices were drowned at sometimes by the musicians.

And of course, there was Seasons in the Sun! And Jay, I never get tired of saying this, but that story you wrote all those years ago still comes to mind when I hear this song. And it makes me smile.

The final set was classic Westlife: tuxedos but with jeans and sneakers this time singing Uptown Girl. It was a great evening; they were the most relaxed they have been since they first did shows in Dubai.

This is their third time here and they just better as the years go by. I can hardly believe that it’s been 12 years since I first caught the video for Sweat It Again on TV one night. And then I spent the next month or so trying to find out which band was it!

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