WIP-tastic Monday

The last few days have been awful with grey clouds, a bit of rain, lots of sand blowing about so it had been difficult to take a photo of my Piddleloop bag near any Dubai landmark. The closest I could get to was this photo below. I am not sure if Jen is right about Dubai being the farthest her bags have travelled to.

Knitting all the time. That’s what I feel like. When I am not at work, when I’m not sleeping, when I’m not in the shower or cooking or dyeing yarn or being on the laptop, I am knitting. But the FO count has not gone up considerably. This is a test knit for Dani Sunshine’s Happy Legs design. I finished the first legwarmer and working on the second now so hopefully will have this FO soon.

Can you tell I am trying to use up every bit of this Bunny Hop yarn? It’s so pretty! This is probably the last project though for this yarn, it’s a stranded baby hat for Nash called Chocqua. I am not so sure how my stranding is, sometimes I feel it is too tight and it puckers up and sometimes it looks okay. I have to wait until I block this I guess.

One more WIP for today, and it’s a mystery! I joined Feministy’s Roxanne Mystery Shawl KAL and the first clue went up yesterday. I loved knitting Liz’s Traveling Woman and I know I want to knit another one soon but this mystery shawl is too intriguing and a great excuse to stashdown some more. I chose my skein of Jester Okay Knits Sawa-Sawa for this project and I am loving how it is knitting up so far.

One thought on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. That blue board brings back memories, ours are green with no Arabic, of course. A mystery KAL always is a great way to have some fun and stashbust!


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