Eye-candy Friday

This time it’s different. No yarn today, sorry, but it’s still something pretty.

I recently acquired some Piddleloop bags. Finally! I have seen the bags around in blogs and seen the adverts in Ravelry and have occasionally browsed the shop but never bought anything. Until now.

Jen is wonderful in her communication, such a delight to talk to and her enthusiasm on email spills over to how she carefully packaged the items. My first Piddleloop order included all of these!

Apart from the bags, Jen and Wendy stuffed the package with candy, a small notepad, a pencil, a sample handmade stitchmarker from BeaGin Design and four small buttons from the Moustache Factory.

The large box bag is made of some sturdy material and still so pretty. There is a pocket inside which can hold notions and the bag itself is so big it can take 3 skeins of 100g yarns and still be able to close the zipper properly.  There’s the eye-candy for you!  New colours for my shop. The large box bag always comes with a small pouch.

The triangle bag is a new item in the Piddleloop shop. Reminds me of those Sunkist juice boxes from my childhood. It’s a cool shape and big enough to fit a sock WIP. I managed to fit in two skeins of 100g lace weight yarn. I love the pattern on this fabric – I wish there was a matching box bag.

I haven’t switched my projects yet but I will do so this weekend. And I will bring the bags along so I can take photos of it around Dubai. Jen tells me this is the farthest place her bags have travelled to yet. Must make sure there’s proof of it!

Thanks again, Jen and Wendy for the wonderful experience and for your beautiful bags.

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