And then it was Saturday

The gossip girls.

Together again.

Ha ha! It’s been a couple of months since we last saw each other so this was a special day. Thanks to Juvy for thinking about setting this up and to Myrene and Jezzel or actually turning up! Lunch and coffee was not nearly enough time to catch up properly. We have to do this again. And Juvy can pay then!

Yes, Gossip Girls. Never turn down the opportunity to catch the latest goss. You never know it might mean you can get ideas for a new business venture, or a job possibility. Just sayin’.

I had to run just after lunch to see Christina, a lovely clinical hypnotherapist so this lot had all sorts of fun with the camera and a fountain.

Watch out, Giovanni. Juvy’s found a new beau and he is way cuter than you! I may be a bit biased of course.

Joseph refuses to have his photo taken so this is just the three of us. Juvy is getting the hang of the DSLR, maybe we should switch roles and she can take my photos for a change.

She said she loved how the hem of my dress was moving here. I think it might have been my sandals kicking it up, but I do like it too. take note, 30 degrees C at least and I am wearing a merino/silk/cashmere cardigan!

After lunch and coffee with the gossip girls, we went and picked up Patrick’s belated birthday present: his Iron Man Mark IV toy. Very cool-looking too. See how tightly he’s holding on to it?

It’s got great detail. The hands and arms and legs and head are all moveable and it comes with a spare set of “hands” that you can pop in and out of the arms. Weird.

The mask does come down too so Tony Stark becomes Iron Man. There is a display case which I doubt will ever get used. Patrick keeps this toy next to him in bed. The other toy, a War Machine, is on its way from NY so there will be lots of noisy playing around the house soon.

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