Family Friday

Our family’s Friday involved a buffet lunch, an all-day-ride pass, beating the high score at the arcade basketball game and a lot of posing and squeeing from this little girl.

Not so much squeeing actually but she had so much fun at this ride that she kept queueing as soon as the ride was done. She was actually enjoying it and didn’t feel faint at all.

Lunch was with the rest of the family at Barrio Fiesta. We just love the Filipino food they have there plus this time they had one of our favourite native sweets. Patrick was still not brave enough to try any of it and stuck mostly with the chicken and fish.

Just because he is my baby. So cute! Yes, I’m a bit partial.

We couldn’t tear Ronan and Patrick apart from the Tap Tap on the iPhone. It’s a crazy game and I could not keep up even with the easier songs but the kids can do it even with their eyes closed.

Tita Jade was also there, looking happy about something someone said.

And what’s so funny, you two? My sister-in-law Cathy must have said something to make my brother crack up like this.

I bought this jar of caramel sauce for my sister and gave it to her that day. Of course I had a jar of our own too. This is most definitely not healthy.

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