Eye-candy Friday

When the first shipment of new yarns arrived at Magrudy’s last year, I was sitting in the office, oblivious to the fact that fellow Amiras from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi were up to their elbows in yarn! They gunned for the yarns even before they got out of the box and onto the shelves. I suppose that was a good thing for me.

But last Monday, when the latest shipment of Manos Silk Blends arrived, I was determined not to miss it. Jackie and I welcomed Linda who travelled from Kuwait to Dubai for the day. She did a fair bit of damage but not so much as the Amiras, or so I was told.

I was very restrained, but admittedly could not resist these beauties. Jackie was knitting a cardigan with this yarn and colourway and it reminded us both so much of Sundara Yarn’s Crushed Cherries colourway. Three skeins found their way in my cart.

I’m thinking about knitting a new Liesl for me and three skeins would be enough for this. I could maybe do a modified Lemongrass Bolero as well, or just a plain raglan cardigan. It will definitely be a garment. I love love the richness of the colours.

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