Eye-candy Friday

How about some Madelinetosh this time?

This is the last shipment from the Magnolia Society Yarn Club. It’s the Eyre Light base in a vibrant blue colourway called Volga. I have a sweater quantity stash of its big sister, Eyre, which is next in my Personal Sweater Club queue.

I have been looking in Ravelry for project ideas for this and I think with 970 yards of this yummy yarn, I can knit a vest for someone with normal body size. Just need to find someone who will like this colourway.

One thought on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. I love this shade of blue, like a field of bluebells (although I’ve never seen such a field in real life!) I don’t think I’ve seen this colorway from madelinetosh before and the yardage seems to be generous. Any plans about what you’re going to knit using this?

    I wore my Eyre sweater lots this winter, but a word of caution about this yarn – it pills like the dickens. On the bright side, it doesn’t look old and drab like Mally does once its a pilly mess. A good shave with the sweater shaver has it looking brand new again.


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