Eye-candy Friday

You’d think that after being a resident on the Emirates for the past 17 years I would know my way around a spice market. Or at least have been to one. Sadly, no. I have passed them by while sitting on a bus or making our way elsewhere, but I have never been inside a spice market.

I reckon they look like this, but could be a bit more Middle Eastern-y. And does this give you a hint as to this week’s eye-candy?

I could be a bit more subtle but I don’t know how. Yes, it’s the second skein of Wollmeise Twin that I snagged from The Loopy Ewe. Spice Market. Mmmmm. I almost wound this to knit my pair of Nutkins for the SSSPSC but no, I had my heart set on knitting them with Sundara Sock Yarn.

This might end up as a Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Välimäki paired with a skein of Pistache. I still need to take the skeins out and put them side by side to see if the colours work.

It’s prettier in person. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. That yarn is beautiful and the pattern you have in mind is lovely. And don’t feel bad about missing the spice markets, we all tend to do that; think “it will be there, I’ll stop next time”. Discovering what’s in our own backyards is sometimes a good idea. So what are you cooking with all your new spices???


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