As random as random gets

  • I already miss knitting with Tosh Vintage. It’s pure comfort knitting and the finished garment is so luxurious.
  • Shoppers at IKEA, plus the security guard at check-out, threw me puzzled looks when I took a photo of a bottle of Perrier on their wrapping table. With a simple flash unit, it could be the perfect studio set-up!
  • I miss doing macro shots.
  • My WIP-basket needs some serious TLC. It doesn’t help that the Gathered Pullover is so darned easy to knit so I have no time left to pick up other projects.
  • Oooh, shiny! Erm, sorry, a gleaming white Rolls Royce Phantom just passed by.
  • Family summer vacation ideas: 1) stay at home and knit and watch DVDs all day, 2) camping!, 3) home to Manila or 4) long weekend away within the UAE. Not sure which one yet but number 1 is tempting, not to mention cheap!
  • Baking this weekend. Not from scratch though as I am useless like that. I bought a box of cinnamon thingies and will definitely make that.
  • TV! I miss Supernatural. And Fringe is getting really interesting and juicy. I am savouring every moment of Stargate Universe (*sob*). Survivor: Redemption Island (my one guilty TV pleasure) is cracking fun as always. I can’t wait to see last night episode and find out if Matt finally made it out of Redemption. No spoilers please!

Did I tell you I am doing the 30 Days of Lists along with so many other bloggers? I have an actual, physical journal for it, which I just write on and not do cutesy, glittery, scrapbooky stuff with it. Once the list is finished I will transfer them to the blog and create a page for it. It’s been good so far and I think I will keep it up but pre-determine a new set of topics for the next month. Who knows, I might even do the cutesy, glittery, scrapbooky stuff next time?

That’s all from me today. Stay safe out there!

2 thoughts on “As random as random gets

  1. The gray yarn in your photograph looks fantastic, I love that color. I’m also going to check out the 30 days of lists 🙂


  2. This 30 days of lists thingy looks very interesting. Are you making summer vacation plans already, jealous!!!!

    PS: I’d be happy to send you some Vintage if you’d like, my LYS carries it;)


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