I forgot again

Monday was two days ago and I should have had a WIP-tastic post. But I forgot. I just realized I have no blog post scheduled today so here’s a chance to redeem myself.  Be warned: photos in the post are taken with the iPhone4 so quality is not at best.

Starting with this long overdue blanket. I have been admiring Moderne Baby Blankets from Mason Dixon all over the knitting community and even attempted to start one a while ago. But it was too much work for me at the time. All the switching of colours and picking up stitches and oh my God the ends to weave in afterwards! Well I overcame all that and cast on my blanket finally. In one weekend I managed to get something like this.

I only have 3 colours of the yarn (Knit Picks Shine Sport) so it was a little tricky trying to get the colour order. I thought I had it right but then instead of the continuous spiral of the three colours, I fumbled in the first 3 strips and now have this mismatch right the centre of the blanket which I cannot fix unless I frog everything and start over. Bummer.

I am on a Sundara Yarn kick too. I started my second sweater from my self-imposed Sweater Club. Sport Merino is probably by most favourite of her yarn bases and this colourway, Mint Julep, is just perfect for spring. This is the beginnings of my Gathered Pullover. Love working with this!

Another Sundara project are my Nutkins. I finished one sock and I am on schedule for the second project in the SSSPSC. The twist in this sock is going to drive me nuts but the colourway makes up for some of it. Would I knit this pattern again? Probably not. But I will finish this pair and move on to the next.

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