IKEA + DFC = Fun

Not going for overkill or anything, but have you seen the colourways up in my Etsy shop? There might be something there that you like. Free shipping. Anywhere. In. The. World. 🙂 [/shamelessplug]

Our family still loves DFC and IKEA. We’d be there every day if we could afford it! The Dh4 (about $1) breakfast is awesome but with coffee and muffins and other stuff the bill still goes up. The last time we had a big family breakfast there was when our cousin Ariel visited Dubai en route from Bahrain to Manila. We had to show him around town and it happened to be the weekend so IKEA was the logical choice.

We headed out to the marina afterwards and fed the birds again. It was windy! We were struggling to walk through the wind and a couple of times the kids let their beach ball go and they had to go running after it! It was a clear day, sun was out and did I tell you how strong the wind was? 🙂

We headed back to the mall after that and even saw a movie (I Am Number Four). It was a good day.

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