WIP-tastic Monday

Alrighty then!

It’s good to be getting back into some sort of pattern again. I still haven’t dyed a single skein of yarn in weeks but that will come soon enough. For now here’s a little something I received in the mail from Moo. Oooh sticky! Inspired by the little squares of artsy hummingbird from Her Royal Highness the Skein Queen, I found myself browsing through every photo I have taken of my hand-dyed yarns. Apologies for the lo-fi iPhone photo but this is what I have at the time.

Inside the acid green cover we have 90 stickers which look like these. Makes me so happy. They’re shiny and colourful. I spent a couple of days working out the artwork for each of these. Okay, I did some Photoshop shortcuts but choosing the photos, cropping them and making each file did take a while. So next time you buy from Dubai Knits, your tissue paper-wrapped yarn will be sealed with one of these pretties. I’ll take better photos next time.

So, let’s talk WIPs!

Having a pathological need to cast on more projects than I could finish, I started this one soon after casting off my Dark and Stormy cardigan. FO post on that to follow. I wanted to use up every bit of the Tosh Vintage Composition Book Grey and Crooked Paths has always been in my mental queue.

It’s a quick knit. I started this on Friday evening as soon as the needles are off the cardigan and kept on knitting throughout Saturday. Now, Sunday evening, I am two rows away from completing the third repeat of Chart A and will start Chart B shortly. I cannot wait to finish this off and get some use out of it before it gets too hot in Dubai.

My second pair of socks for the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club has one leg.  I am not sure if I want to knit it longer but we’ll see.  This is Nutkin in Sundara Yarn Sock Blush.  I skipped the folded double hem and used a simple 1×1 ribbing instead.  I’m still thinking whether I would mirror the pattern on the second sock or not.  I will also be substituting a heel flap for the short-row heel called for in the pattern.  It’s pretty mindless knitting once you establish the lace rows so I expect these to be done soon.

I still have plenty of WIPs scattered around the new apartment. I need to finish some on the needles and then I will go hunt for those bags of WIPs before they gather too much dust bunnies.

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  1. I really like the MOO stickers and that beret is going to be so squishy. Hope you get a nice cold spell so that you can wear it before the warm weather hits.


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