The Travelling Ewe

Remember the package I received from Lindsay in Chicago? The one with the Loopy Ewe goodness? Well, the stuffed Little Loopy was her present for me and I am pleased to announce that the little fella has adjusted to life in Dubai.

He’s been around town with us – he is the Travelling Ewe after all. Jump to take a peek at A Night in the Life of Little Loopy.

Before we moved, Loopy used to hang out in my Honey Cowl.  He says it is nice and toasty in there and he loves the colour so much too.  I almost couldn’t tear him away from his little cowl swing when we wanted to go out for dinner.  But then he  heard we were headed to PF Chang’s for dinner so he happily hitched a ride on Patrick’s backpack.  When we got to the mall, he wanted to be pushed around on the shopping trolley, but they were stowing the trolleys away for the night so he had to jump back to the backpack.

He likes to travel in style.  In the car, he did not want to sit on my lap – he wanted to straddle the iPod dock.  He says he likes the view from there.  Plus he got to control the playlist!  Once at PF Chang’s, it was all I could do to stop him from taking a bath in the sauces.  People were staring at us.

Did I tell you there was a full moon that night?  Oh yes, and Loopy insisted on baa’ing at the moon.  It was a supersonic baa that he gave out because I did not hear anything.  Patrick kindly held him up high so Loopy could gaze at the moon while he baa’d.  And yes, there was ice cream!  I think the spicy sauces at the restaurant got to him so he was happy to sit next to Patrick’s bubble gum flavoured ice cream.  Oh and yes there was a photo with me too.

There you have it. Loopy’s adventures. More to follow, he’s just been enjoying the new apartment, exploring the new nooks and crannies and trying to find his new favourite spot. I’m sure he’ll find it soon enough. Next up, Loopy gives you a tour of our new apartment.

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  1. I loved this post and read it out loud to Kiki (who loved it too, baaaa!!!) Can’t wait to hear more about Loopy’s adventures


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