Eye-candy Friday

Moving week was bad for the blog, but it was so good for the yarn stash.

I rediscovered my bag of 17 skeins of Noro Kureyon which I stashed into the box containing photo frames and books. And of course the knitting queue was immediately re-shuffled to reflect the rediscovery. It’s sad how nothing is in sharp focus in this photo. This was taken with my first point-and-shoot (R.I.P.) and before I even knew what exposure, ISO and aperture even meant!

You get that this was just a decoy, right? The real eye-candy awaits after the jump. 🙂

This is more like it. No disrespect to Kureyon but you’re not quite Wollmeise.

::swoon:: Shyma introduced me to this colourway – Rhabarber. She bought a skein when she visited the shop in Germany. I was lucky enough to still be awake when The Loopy Ewe update happened one evening. I got cart-jacked on one of the skeins, I can’t remember which colourway now, and I quickly grabbed one of these beauties and ran away with it.

It is beautiful. I have a few project ideas for this:

  • Saroyan by Liz Abinante
  • Clapotis by Kate Gilbert but unsure about yardage
  • Daybreak by Stephen West, and I can use my skein of WM Pistache as a contrast colour
  • Tempest Cardigan by Ann Weaver, and I can use my skeins of WM Pistache and Rotkappchen

Let’s see how it goes.

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