Life’s a park

… especially in Dubai!

There are a number of recreational parks in Dubai and, on weekends, they are filled with expatriates and their families. There is usually barbecue involved, maybe some picnic mats and tents depending on the weather but definitely food. If you’re in a beach park, i.e. the usual park but has a beach access, then there might be swimming involved. I don’t like those though because the changing rooms are not well equipped.

Anyway, we decided one fine Saturday morning to go to one of the free access parks in the middle of a neighbourhood and just hang out, play games or whatever. It was great because the park was almost deserted, must be because of the wind that day, but we did have a great time.

The kids enjoyed it – which kid doesn’t like playing in the sand anyway?! We played volleyball, some played baskteball, we had time to give the swings and other playthings in the playground a go and even watched this little old lady do some yoga/Chinese calisthenics thingy. It was very entertaining.

After the park, which we left at around 11am, we went to our favourite cheap breakfast place: IKEA. Caught up with cousin Jade and her brother-in-law and did a bit of recon work for stuff we will buy for the new flat. Oh, yeah, haven’t I mentioned it before? yes, we are moving shortly so need to get furniture, can opener, soap dishes etc. I might just buy everything in IKEA.

Of course being with the kids mean photo opportunities – and there were plenty of those that weekend! Although he doesn’t admit it, I think Ronan loves being photographed. At least he poses for me now and not end up being a blur in the photos.

Of course, Bellybutton will always be in photos! She wouldn’t miss being in it. And my camera loves her too. She is getting better at posing actually, except when she has a tantrum which thankfully is not often!

My baby boy knows to hold a pose now esp when I need a longer shutter speed. He was recently given his first mobile phone, it’s a cheap Motorola one which came free with an iPhone purchase, and he loves it. He gets torn between his new phone and his PSP so he always carries both when we go out.

The teenagers are not to be outdone when it comes to photo ops! Mostly I get them to model my hand-knits. 🙂 Or they get me to take photos to show off a cool hairstyle, cool eyeliner (which I still cannot do on my own eyes!), etc.

We spent the rest of the day at the Festival City, had lunch at the Macaroni Grill, fed the seagulls at the Marina and watched the sun go down. It didn’t seem like a long day but it was well worth spending it with family. Best to take the opportunity while the weather is still pleasant.

This weekend: brunch!

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  1. Which park did you guys hit? Do you still have to pay a fee to enter the gates, that rule is crazy I think!! Great pics of the kids and have fun shopping for the new place. SHJ or DXB?


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