Prom Night

Just when I was getting the daily blogging thing going, I get struck down by life in general but specifically a sore throat that won’t go away. It doesn’t help that when I open up WordPress I see that little chart on my dashboard telling me how many views my blog had today. Am I glutton for punishment or what?

Anyway, I am doing a drive-by posting here in between feeding the kids and knitting the buttonband of my Dark and Stormy and working on some new layouts for the shop labels etc. I just want to share my two middle teenagers’ special night: their first Prom Night.

Aww. Aren’t they cute? I could have done better with the photographs but it was crazy trying to get them to stand still when all they want to do is be among their friends, who turned out just as good as they did. It’s tradition that Grade 9 girls wear pink and Grade 10 girls wear blue, hence the frantic mall search for something blue until my feet were kicking me!

I’ll spare you the boring details of how I did Eibee’s hair and make-up on my own, with guidance from her of course, and how Joseph decided I was not touching his hair so he went to his regular salon and came back with this WOW hairstyle which we now cannot ever replicate again. The bottomline is that they both had great fun! We let them stay at the party but not after midnight in case they turned into pumpkins, but the prom was all they were talking about for days afterwards.

My little girl is not so little anymore. *sobsniffsob* The bun behind her head was unravelled when we picked them up. Obviously it didn’t hold up to all the dancing she did that night.

And while they were dancing away, Patrick and I enjoyed a very noisy, very yummy dinner with these ladies. Plus Jezzel, who is not pictured because she had a date. Thanks again for the company, ladies! Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Prom Night

  1. Wait excuse the ignorance but are they twins?? Both wearing blue…. both in the tenth grade??
    Then both looked fantastic, i’m glad they had a good time. Gosh Eibee looks stunning in that last photo. Well done mama!
    Can’t wait to see Dark and Stormy, only the button bands to go?


  2. Awww, they look so grown up and gorgeous! Eibee is stunning and Joseph is going to break some hearts! Great job Mama!! Hope you kick the sore throat bug soon xx


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