WIP-tastic Monday

I admit. Knucks are addictive. Highly so. I knitted my first pair in 3 days. I know, crazy, right? But that’s just how stupidly easy and addictive it is. The small number of stitch count, even though fiddly, makes for quick knitting. The loose ends tend to take longer to weave in than most of the actual knitting really. The FO post will follow shortly, but for now here are two Knucks-on-the-needles as it were.

The green one is a medium for Eibee, knit in Sundara Yarn Worsted Merino, colourway Illuminati. I decided to do the textured cuff for her which she appreciates. The second glove will come along shortly.

The child-size one I started in Bugga! Horned Beetle turned out too small for Patrick, so this is going to Bellybutton. She tried it on for size when we met at the park last Saturday, it’s a bit big but her hands will grow into them soon.

My Dark and Stormy cardigan is coming along well. I separated the sleeves last night and now working down the body. A minor glitch happened this morning hence the cable needle coming to the rescue of a mis-crossed cable. Nothing to do with the pattern, it’s all me assuming I have the chart memorized. Apparently not. I have *checks calendar* 15 days to finish this, if I were to keep to my Personal Sweater Club target.

3 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. All these cute things knitted in such gorgeous yarns!

    (I’m having dark and stormy envy. Just beautiful! I think I’ll have to have one too.)

    Bellybutton looks toasty (and adorable) in her knucks and hat.


  2. OMG, we have a Personal Sweater Club target?? Yikes!!! I must have been listening-with-my-ears-closed when we talked about that. You’re a knuck churning knitter! These look great.


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