WIP-tastic Mmmonday



Yes, I am back in the saddle with the Mmmalabrigo love. Blame it on the new Rios base which landed in our LYS (I just love saying that!). There were a few great colours to choose from, including Ravelry Red, Azul Profundo, Primavera and others. But my eye caught the very manly and more semi-solid Paris Night.

The following day, I just had to wind it and start a new project. This skein was supposed to be a hat for Bernie, but he wanted gloves with half-fingers more, and I have always wanted to knit Knucks. No brainer then.

This is my progress after one day. I knitted the fingers while catching up on last week’s TV shows, including the most awesome Supernatural episode ever. All through The Vampire Diaries I knitted the hand and the thumb gusset. This morning on the car drive to work, I finished the thumb gusset and started the ribbing for the cuff. I think I will finish this one tonight and start the fingers for the second glove before the day is over.

The great thing is that the colour is amazingly manly and the glove fits my husband’s hand perfectly!

One thought on “WIP-tastic Mmmonday

  1. I keep missing you blog posts, but I love playing catch up because I know that there will always be plenty of great stuff to ooh and aah about! The Amiras have their own LYS, that’s fantastic! No more acrylic or fun fur or Sublime on the almost bare yarn shelves at Magrudy’s. Yay for Dubai’s LYS, and yay for Jackie!

    BTW, I have a sweater’s worth of Rios in “Paris Night” that I acquired on our Seattle trip 😉 I’m still in the red on Stashdown, dangit!


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