A little loopy

Fellow Amira, and now Chicago resident, Lindsay went to St. Louis not long ago and came back home with these goodies which she so kindly sent across the seas to me. Yarns, four different kinds of them which I chose, and a special surprise: my very own Little Loopy! Oh and Ghirardelli chocolate squares. With peppermint! She knows me too well.  Thanks again, Lindsay.

A little closer to home, however, we had the regular Amiras meet-up last Friday. It was a quiet one, with a few Amiras being away or otherwise unable to make it but it was great. We got to meet three new knitters who came to know about the group through Magrudy’s and Jackie of course. They were not aware that we stay on for as long as we could so they left a little earlier than we’d like. Elena, who is from Siberia originally, stayed on a bit and talked to us about her beautiful home country. We also met someone properly for the first time, Timmy the Turtle! He is Jeane’s knitting companion. Here is is smooching my Dark and Stormy cardigan.

Jeane showed us the pompom booties she finished, which Timmy kindly posed with for the photo. The colour is so much bluer in real life. She was knitting a hat to go with the booties.

Louise, on the other hand, was not quite happy with this scarf that she was knitting for her mum. But as she worked more on it, it began to grow on her. The colours blended well together and did not pool or flash so it was the perfect pattern for it. I am sure her mum would love it!

Last and definitely not the least in any way, is Shyma’s beautiful red Damson shawl in Posh Yarn! It is so difficult to photograph but this is as close as it gets. Thanks to Jeane for modelling it. It is so squishy soft and drapey. Makes me want to cast on another.

We went to Magrudy’s after and ooh’d and aah’d at the new arrivals. The Rios was to die for but I was trying to be good, otherwise I would have picked up a sweater’s worth of the Paris Night! I walked away with just two skeins – one of which is being knitted up right now. Catch tomorrow’s post for more details.