WIP-tastic Monday

This picture has nothing to do with a WIP really, but it’s so darned cute I just had to share it. I knitted this miniature sweater for our Christmas tree a couple of years ago and embroidered a “P” on it for my son Patrick. Last night, he was playing with his Obi-Wan action figure and he decided to put the sweater on Obi – it’s a bit big but it’s cute. I had to take a picture. How could I not?

Proper WIP photos after the jump…

This WIP is pretty special. It’s a sock (no surprises there right?) and a test-knit for Carrie Sullivan, aka Irishgirlieknits who happens to have an uber cute and brand new logo for her designs and I cannot wait to see it all unveiled for public consumption. I think I signed up to be an official groupie :).  Aherm, back to the sock in question.  The working title is Walk Now, because this pattern is specially for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks Event which helps raise awareness and money for children with autism. Carrie, for her part, is donating 70% of the proceeds of the sale of this pattern, so go buy it now.

Carrie asked me if I would test knit a design and knit one sock in about a week. I figured the Solstice Slips could wait and the Dark and Stormy was not going anywhere so I said yes. Especially after she said I could use one of my own hand-dyed yarns for the project.

I love how the lace is easy to predict but still makes it interesting for the knitter. Keeps you on your toes, so to speak. The ribbing flows easily down to the lace rib leg all the way to the heel flap.

The beauty of this design is the freedom to adopt a number of modifications for the instep. I copped out and chose the ribbed instep, which made it a lot easier to be honest but I wouldn’t mind doing one of the options with lace too.

One modification I applied as a personal choice was to take the ribbing all the way down to the toe. it’ such an Irishgirlieknits thing to do!

I love the ribbing and the lace all blending so well together in this sock. It’s taken a backseat for now while Carrie finalize her layout and release the pattern. I will knit the second sock exactly as the first and then show you the final pair soon. Pattern details to follow with the FO.

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  1. Love your version! Love the ribbed instead and carrying that through to the toe. and the yarn – fabulous! Can’t wait to see the pair. g


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