Eye-candy Friday

With a 10% discount coupon thrown in, it was hard to resist grabbing this extra special skein.

I could try to tell you how this colourway came about but I’d better let Tina describe the colour as only she can do it justice.

I have Pond Scum and it is brighter than the shade in this skein, which is probably a good thing. I love the red in this though, richer than Happy Go Lucky.

Bleck is a colour I have not seen in real life, I thought this was KMBFLA actually. It’s going to be interesting knitting this up. Whatever the pattern is, it has to have a lot of movement, otherwise I’m worried there will be some pooling going on and I’m not ready for that. So the hunt is on for a pattern for this skein. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Eye-candy Friday

  1. I`d be interested to see what pattern you come up with. I have a few skeins on str that have never been used. I`m afraid of pooling too.


  2. I love how Tina mentions that this is her tonal child, so I’m hoping that you won’t have a pooling crisis on your hands. Whatever you choose to knit with this yarn is going to be fab, what a range of colors – LOVE!


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