WIP-tastic Monday

Sorry for the radio silence. It’s just been a long weekend and I am still recovering from the stress and the buzz of last Thursday. A post and photos of that event will follow shortly.

I have been knitting, of course. Actually it was mostly Friday when I made progress on the Solstice Slip socks. It looks like this now.

Sock #1 is coming down the foot while Sock #2 is stuck at the end of ribbing. I didn’t plan on it to happen but as I worked on Sock #1 the pattern made me just knit and knit and knit. I became so easy to memorize the zigzag pattern and you just want to do one more row. Just one more row.

In the end, I only did 4.5 repeats on the leg pattern because this pair is now going to Bernie and he didn’t want it tall. I hesitated about the garter stitch heel, but it seemed alright in the end.

The best thing was not worrying about holes with the wrap and turn since you leave the wraps and double-wrap the next stitch in this pattern. They blend in with the garter stitch easily.

Since I have time to get this pair done, I am not rushing. I am test knitting a new design from one of my favourite sock designers – Irishgirlieknits – and it is fun fun FUN! One of the best part of this is that I am using my own hand-dyed! I finished the first part of the leg pattern today and will continue on tonight.

I also have my Dark and Stormy cardigan to knit, which might get frogged depending on how I get on with fudging the front zigzag panels.

Wish me luck. Oh and I have an FO. Finally. That’s coming up next.

One thought on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. I love that you’re back on the sock bandwagon!!! I saw that Irishgirlie’s pattern for a cause and I think it’s really lovely – both the design and the thought behind it:)


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